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Business and Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance for your business is made easy by the Riordan Insurance Group. We have the experience, insurance carrier knowledge and connections, and customer service orientation that you need to be secure. To request more information or a call from Riordan, please use our easy Contact Form or give us a call. We are more than happy to review your situation with you and provide you with quotes. Our current clients include condo associations, homeowner associations, churches, non profit organizations, airports, hotels, motels, apartment building owners, painters, contractors, caterers, engineers and engineering firms, taxi and limousine companies, general office, consultants, and many others. We service single proprietors and entrepreneurs, partnerships, LLCs, and corporations. Here are some of the Commercial Products and Services protection areas that we offer.

Business Insurance

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Your business faces risk and liabilities every day. The only way to protect your business assets is to carry adequate business liability insurance. A CGL or Commercial General Liability insurance policy is the first line of defense against many of the most common claims.

General Liability insurance covers claims of bodily injury (or other physical injury) and/or property damage. Riordan Insurance Group can offer it in a package along with Property insurance to protect your business against incidents that may occur on your premises or at other covered locations where you regularly conduct business. Commercial General Liability enables you and your business to continue operations even if you face claims.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Workers' Compensation (workers' comp) is insurance that provides for medical care for employees who are injured in the course of their work. To claim the benefits, the worker must give up his right to sue the employer for his injuries. State laws differ in the treatment of worker's comp so a professional should review your coverage options with you and select the plan that makes most sense for your business.  Usually, provisions are made so the insurance pays in place of missed wages, covers the medical expenses, and finally, death benefits in the case of a worker being killed.

Fleet and Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is one of the most important types of business insurance program. If your business uses a vehicle, or many vehicles, you will need commercial vehicle insurance.  You will need to provide your insurance professional a complete picture of how your vehicles are used and make sure that the plan addresses it exactly in order to minimize your risk and exposure

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance is a must for any business to protect your buildings, equipment, and supplies from hazards such as fire and vandalism. Much like a homeowner's policy protects one's home, so commercial property insurance protects your business.

Key Person Insurance

Key person insurance (key man insurance) can be thought of as an insurance policy taken out by a business to compensate for the losses that would arise from incapacity or death of a named member of the business, such as the owner or president.  The goal is to compensate the business for losses and to assure business continuity.  It is typically a fixed amount payout as opposed to actual loss compensation.  A business may take out key person insurance on any employee that is considered uniquely valuable and would expect to be at a loss to replace the employee in the event of their loss.

Buy/Sell Insurance

Buy/sell insurance is one of the best ways to assure the continuation of your business in the event of a partner's death. It should be accompanied by a buy/sell agreement amongst partners that requires the surviving partners to buy the business in the event of a partner's death.  The actual purchase of the business can be funded by the buy/sell insurance policy.

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance

In an increasingly global economic world, many companies face the challenge of protecting employees from the threat of kidnapping, extortion, and ransom demands. Foreign markets may be lucrative to be involved in but political and social instability, extortion, and crime make travel and threats to employees increasingly more common.  Kidnap and Ransom insurance can help compensate for the losses caused by these types of threats.

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We are licensed for business in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin but can help businesses from anywhere with our international lines. Please consider us for all of your insurance needs. It would be a privilege to serve as your insurance professional.